Direction-Plus Full Logo Decal


The Direction-Plus™ Full Logo Decal will give more style to you 4×4 vehicle. We offer two colour options and two sizes.


    • Waterproof
    • Fade Resistant
    • Gloss vinyl with airflow (for easy application)


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Check the size table to find the right size of your Direction-Plus™ Full Logo Decal. Check our other models on Stickers.




Application Instructions:

  1. Rub the sticker to be sure the transfer tape is properly adhered to the sticker.
  2. Clean and dry the desired area. Stickers will stick best to clean smooth surfaces.
  3. Remove the wax backing slowly making sure the sticker stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape.
  4. Carefully position the sticker to the desired area.
  5. Rub the sticker from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles.
  6. Use a object like a credit card to make sure the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface.



Additional information


Black Lettering, White Lettering

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