PreLine-Plus Pre-Filter + ProVent Combo Kit HILUX N80 / FORTUNER (PLPV628DPC)


The Direction-Plus™ PreLine-Plus Pre-Filter + ProVent Combo Kit PLPV628DPC fits Toyota Hilux 1GT-FTV (2016-2022), Hilux 2GD-FTV (2018-2022) and Fortuner 1GD-FTV (2016-2022) models. It’s the ultimate defence against carbon build-up and water contamination with the PreLine-Plus pre-filter kit, with 100% efficiency and up to 98% oil separation efficiency with our ProVent kit.

With this dual kit you can‘t go wrong! Protect your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



PreLine-Plus pre-filter system is designed specifically to cope with extreme weather conditions and poor fuel quality ensuring a high degree of water separation and particle pre-separation.

With a 100% water separation efficiency rating (based on 300um droplet size) and a long service life, meeting the specifications set by leading manufacturers of diesel fuel injection systems, this PreLine-Plus pre-filter kit will reliably protect your fuel system from corrosion, abrasion and the frequency of repairs reduced.


The PreLine-Plus kit includes an intuitive multi-stage water alert that separates it from other kits on the market. The alarm will notify the driver in the event that water is detected in the fuel which also eliminates the need to manually check for water.


Direction Plus™ ProVent oil separator protects your diesel engine by reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system. By not fitting a Direction Plus™ ProVent system, it is likely that your engine will experience a progressive reduction in performance.

Direction Plus™ ProVent system is specifically designed to separate and redirect oil and air from blow-by gas produced from within the crankcase as it also provides the option of returning the oil back to the sump.

Check fitment guide below to confirm suitability for your vehicle.


Check the fitment guide to find the right PreLine-Plus pre-filter kit for your vehicle.


MakeModelEngineFromToPart No.Dual Part No.NotesReplacement Element
FordEverestP5AT20152022PL661DPKPLPV661DPKPL661DPK – dual passenger side mountPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordEverestYNWS20182022PL664DPKPLPV664DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRangerP4AT20112020PL661DPKPLPV661DPKPL661DPK – dual passenger side mountPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRangerP5AT20112022PL661DPKPLPV661DPKPL661DPK – dual passenger side mountPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRangerYNWS20192022PL664DPKPLPV664DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRaptorYN2S20182022PL664DPKPLPV664DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
HoldenColorado (2.8L)LWH20122020PL602DPKPLPV602DPCPLPV602DPC not released yetPLE150DP / PVE200DP
HoldenColorado 7 / TrailblazerLWH20122020PL602DPKPLPV602DPCPLPV602DPC not released yetPLE150DP / PVE200DP
IsuzuMU-X4JJ1TC20132017PL601DPKPLPV601DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
JeepWranglerENS20072017PL633DPKPLPV633DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MazdaBT-50P4AT20112018PL661DPKPLPV661DPKPL661DPK – dual passenger side mountPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MazdaBT-50P5AT20112021PL661DPKPLPV661DPKPL661DPK – dual passenger side mountPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MazdaBT-504JJ3TCX20212022PL645DPKPLPV645DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MitsubishiPajero Sport4N1520152021PL629DPKPLPV629DPCPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MitsubishiTriton MQ4N1520152022PL629DPKPLPV629DPCPreLine Kit IS NOT dual battery compatiblePLE150DP / PVE200DP
NissanNavara NP300YS23DTTi20152022PL630DPKPLPV630DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
NissanPatrol GUZD30DDTTi20062018PL626DPKPLPV626DPCPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaFortuner1GD-FTV20162022PL628DPK PLPV628DPCUpgrade to PL250DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaHilux N701KD-FTV20042015PL612DPKPLPV612DPCUpgrade to PL250DPKPLE150DP / PVE150DP
ToyotaHilux N801GD-FTV20162022PL628DPK PLPV628DPCUpgrade to PL250DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaHilux N802GD-FTV20182022PL628DPKPLPV628DPCUpgrade to PL250DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaLandcruiser 70 Series1VD-FTV20122017PL625DPK
PLPV640DPKPL625DPK – radiator mount
PL640DPK – driver side mount. Suits ONLY vehicles with ABS
Upgrade to PL250DPK
ToyotaLandcruiser 70 Series1VD-FTV20182022PL625DPK
PLPV642DPKPL625DPK – radiator mount
PL642DPK – driver side mount
Upgrade to PL250DPK
ToyotaLandcruiser 200 Series1VD-FTV20072022PL615DPKPLPV614DPCUpgrade to PL250DPK | Dual battery compatible. 3 battery not compatible.PLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1201KD-FTV20032009PL660DPKPLPV660DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1201KZ-TE20032007PL660DPKPLPV660DPKPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1501KD-FTV20092015PL620DPK PLPV620DPCPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1501GD-FTV20152021PL620DPK PLPV631DPCPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1551GD-FTV20152022PL620DPK PLPV631DPCPLE150DP / PVE200DP
VolkswagenAmarokDDCX20162021PL643DPKKit will not fit if the water pump is fitted on the drivers side. Please check before purchase.PLE150DP / PVE200DP
UniversalWith BracketVariousPL801DPKUniversal Kit 10mm With Bracket
Upgrade to PL250DPK
UniversalWith BracketVariousPL802DPKUniversal Kit 12mm With Bracket
Upgrade to PL250DPK
UniversalWith BracketVariousPL901DPKRetro Fit – Fuel Manager Upgrade – 10mm With BracketPLE150DP
UniversalWith BracketVariousPL902DPKRetro Fit – Fuel Manager Upgrade – 12mm With BracketPLE150DP

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions37 × 27 × 16 cm