RGB Rock Lights


The Direction Plus™ RGB Rock Lights are an essential accessory that you’d want to go off-road at night and to have a great experience while you’re at it.

Our RGB Rock Lights are perfect for this application and can be used both for front and rear lighting to help you figure out the ideal wheel positioning in difficult terrain and ensure you see exactly what you’re going over.

Built to face extreme conditions and with versatility in mind, Direction-Plus™ RGB Rock Lights will surely be up for the task.


    • 6 High brightness LED modules
    • Switch control, protect your battery
    • Waterproof control box and connectors
    • Simple plug and play wiring
    • Ideal for camping and night driving
    • Bluetooth connection, wireless control with smartphones
    • Select any colour you want (RGB Light)
    • Control brightness
    • Controlled via an app on your phone
    • Choose your favourite music to play with your Rock Lights


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Direction Plus™ RGB Rock Lights Kit fits any vehicle.


Additional information

Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions39 × 23.5 × 10 cm