Unleash Power, Torque and Fuel Efficiency

The Response Plus Performance Chip unleashes the power, torque and fuel efficiency that is lost through factory programming of your vehicles on-board computer.

The Performance Chip significantly improves the air to fuel ratio and makes the engine operate more efficiently creating more power by maximising the energy output from each drop of fuel and yet using less fuel.

The Direction-Plus™ Performance Chip suits a wide range of diesel vehicles and it is ideal for towing heavy loads and for an all round power increase.


Every Response Plus Performance Chip is specifically programmed for vehicle make, model and engine type. The installation of the system is easy and fast: simply plug the module into the existing factory component.

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  • 5 year warranty
  • Fuel saving capabilities
  • Improves vehicle power, torque and drivability
  • Ideal for towing caravans, horse floats, boats and trailers
  • Vehicle specific design
  • Extensively tested for Australian conditions
Response Plus Performance Chip
MakeModelSeriesEngineFromToPower ModuleIncrease
FordRangerPKWEAT20062011RPC1001DP26KW / 76NM
FordRangerPXP5AT20112015RPC1048DP28KW / 99NM
FordRangerPXP5AT20152019RPC1048DP13KW / 90NM
FordEverestPXP5AT20152019RPC1048DP13KW / 90NM
HoldenColoradoRGLWH20122013RPC1009DP31KW / 104NM
HoldenColoradoRGLWH20132016RPC1052DP31KW / 104NM
HoldenRodeoRA4JJ120032006RPC1023DP31KW / 75NM
HoldenRodeoRA4JJ120072008RPC1023DP28KW / 95NM
IsuzuD-Max3.0L4JJ1TCX20082012RPC1023DP31KW / 75NM
IsuzuD-Max3.0L4JJ1TCX20122017RPC1062DP20KW / 84NM
IsuzuD-Max3.0L4JJ1TCX20172019RPC1064DP21KW / 90NM
MazdaBT-503.0LWEAT20062011RPC1001DP26KW / 76NM
MazdaBT-503.2LP5AT20112019RPC1048DP28KW / 99NM
MitsubishiPajeroNS4M4120062019RPC1032DP23KW / 53NM
MitsubishiPajeroNW4M4120092019RPC1032DP25KW / 44NM
MitsubishiTritonML4M4120062008RPC1032DP30KW / 54NM
MitsubishiTritonML4D5620082014RPC1032DP34KW / 91NM
MitsubishiTritonMN4D5620082014RPC1003DP34KW / 91NM
MitsubishiTritonMQ4N1520152019RPC1058DP17KW / 64NM
NissanNavaraD40YD25DDTi20052019RPC1000DP27KW / 90NM
NissanNavaraD40V620112015RPC1008DP18KW / 97NM
NissanPathfinderR51YD25DDTi20052019RPC1000DP27KW / 90NM
ToyotaHiluxN701KD-FTV20052019RPC1006DP32KW / 75NM
ToyotaHiluxN801GD-FTV20152019RPC1059DP21KW / 61NM
ToyotaLandcruiser70 Series1VD-FTV20072016RPC1005DP40KW / 103NM
ToyotaLandcruiser70 Series1VD-FTV20162019RPC1075DP19KW / 77NM
ToyotaLandcruiser200 Series1VD-FTV20072015RPC1005DP43KW / 141NM
ToyotaLandcruiser200 Series1VD-FTV20152019RPC1075DP19KW / 77NM

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