TransChill Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit

Designed specifically to reduce excessive transmission heat caused by towing, carrying loads and driving in sand, snow, off-road or hot conditions.

why do you need one?

Due to the extreme heat generated in an automatic transmission, an auxiliary oil cooler is an economical and efficient way to help protect against costly transmission repairs.
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) cools, lubricates and cleans internal transmission components. When transmission components exceed 93°C (200°F) the performance of ATF is seriously compromised.

Subsequently the life span of the ATF, seals and internal components of the transmission are significantly reduced. Higher internal temperatures also increase the wear rate of the friction and clutch plates.

Direction-Plus™ transmission coolers can reduce the temperature of the ATF by as much as 33°C. A reduction of 11°C can double the life expectancy of the transmission, ATF and all internal components.

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comparison table between temperatures of factory filter and transchill installed


MakeModelEngineFromTotranschill cooler kittranschill dual cooler kitnotes
FordEverestP5AT20152018TC621DPKTCD621DPKCowling is required to be trimmed
HoldenColorado 2.8LLWH20122020TC602DPKTCD602DPK
HoldenColorado 7 2.8LLWH20122020TC602DPKTCD602DPK
MazdaBT-50P5AT20112019TC621DPKTCD621DPKTCD621DPK requires to drill a 6mm hole into the centre radiator support panel to facilitate mounting of the second bracket
MitsubishiPajero Sport4N1520152019TC629DPKTCD629DPK
ToyotaLandcruiser 200 series1VD-FTV20072021TCD615DPK
ToyotaPrado 150 series1KD-FTV20092015TC620DPK
ToyotaPrado 150 series1GD-FTV20152021TC620DPK
ToyotaPrado 155 series1GD-FTV20152021TC620DPK

Automatic TransChill Contents:

  • Vehicle specific mounting brackets
  • Stainless steel fixing hardware
  • ATF Hose (400psi J1019)
  • 23 row oil cooler

*Contents may differ based on fitment application.

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