Where are the replacement filters element available from?

Obviously from our store that you are currently in, but if you are away on a trip somewhere, Direction-Plus have a nationwide service distribution network across Australia which includes TJM, Opposite lock, Most 4WD supplier stores, Burson, AutObarn and most independent 4WD service centres. Go to our STOCKIST PAGE and find the nearest stockist in your area.

How often do I need to replace the filter elements?

Replace Pre-filter and Post-filter elements every 40,000km or if water present. Replace Catch Can elements every 40,000km.

Will it void my manufacturer’s warranty?

The Direction Plus kits will not affect the new car warranty, this is no different to fitting any other accessory, if you do come across a dealer that says it will, please get the dealer to put it in writing, the AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.) We would love to have a chat with them.


How long will it take to fit?

Direction-Plus kits usually take around 1-2 hours to fit pending on vehicle mounting location, hose lengths etc.

Can I fit it myself?

Yes, all kits are designed to be DIY. If you have some sort of mechanical knowledge, you should be fine, if in doubt, take it to someone who knows. 4WD store, mechanic etc. Most of our stockists offer our kit fitment.

How much will installation cost?

This will depend on the time it takes and the stores hourly rate charge. Ask for a quote with a mechanic or at the store your bought your kit.

Do you make a kit to suit my vehicle?

Yes, our kits are all vehicle specific, so you don’t need to drill holes in your panel work. Our brackets are of high quality laser cut stainless steel and each kit contains everything required to fit to your vehicle. For the vehicles we don’t have a specific kit for, we do universal kits across our Pre-filters and Catch Can ranges which includes a bracket and a cross selection of hose fittings and hoses.

The kit I have purchased doesn’t fit my car. What can I do?

Confirm your vehicle details are correct and you are reading the instructions correctly. If all is ok, maybe we have made a picking error, after all we are only human. Call us on 1800 037 587 or send us an email at and we will do the best we can to solve your problem.

My mate says he can get cheaper kits on eBay or online stores?

Great! No problem if it is a Direction-Plus kit, we will stand behind it, but… be aware of there are plenty of copy and knock off products available out there claiming to be or do the same specs as our kits, some will do damage to your vehicle.


Doesn’t my factory fuel filter stop the water and alert me?

The factory filter is designed to remove some water and alert the driver that Water is in the system. That’s the problem, It is in your system. Direction-Plus recommends a pre-filter to be fitted prior to the original filter to prevent water from getting into the original system, this removes majority of risk.

What is the difference between Pre and Post-filter?

Pre is before the original filter, this is best practice when removing water from the system. Post is fitted after the original filter and more designed for finer particle filtration. Trying to separate water post original filter is very difficult as the water has become emulsified and breaking down into smaller droplets and passing into the common rail system.

Why use a 30micron filter for water separation?

30 micron is the finest you can go before you start losing the efficiency of separating water from diesel. Water is heavier than diesel and needs to fall away from the media holes, too finer holes will simply break the water down into smaller water particles and flow through the system causing corrosion and an expensive rebuild.

Can I put a finer filter before the original one or replace the 30micron with a 5 or a 2 micron?

Yes, you can but there’s not much point fitting a finer filter before the original filter, the finer filter will block quicker than the original rendering it useless, fuel restriction may also be created, causing the engine to starve. As noted above, water separation will almost be non-existent. Finer filters (post-filters) should be installed after the factory filter, so it can filter way more particles that the factory filter can’t. If it is cleaner fuel, less particle filtration you are chasing, this post-filter setup should be installed after the factory filter, assisting in filtering out any finer particles that the factory filter can’t. We have a comprehensive range of post-filters in stock. LEARN MORE HERE.

Remember, Our pre filter is designed to reduce any water ingress into the original fuel system preventing damage to your fuel injection system and costly repairs.


Will the Provent Catch Can work on petrol engines?

Yes, you can, although the gas build up is not as great as diesel engines.

My mate blanked of his EGR Valve. Isn’t that the same thing?

Not the right thing to do, not only does blanking the EGR or performing an EGR delete tricks the ECU into its running parameters, but it is also ILLEGAL. Car insurance companies are looking at ways to get out of claims, if the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy, you may have some explaining to do.

If I remove or smash out my DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) I don’t need to worry do I?

Removing or bypassing the DPF is pretty much the same result as the EGR note above. Illegal and is a RWC complying product that must be operating.


Will my TR+ throttle controller give me more power and torque?

The throttle controller simply removes the time taken for response once the accelerator is pushed, otherwise known as throttle lag. If you want more power and torque you definitely need to get our Steinbauer Power Module, that can give up to 20% more Power and Torque.


Can I run my Transchill through the existing radiator oil cooler as well?

Sure can, it will just work in series with it, sometimes this can be a benefit, and sometimes not, pending on where it is located and airflow flowing over it. Usually the greater the airflow, the greater the cooling.