PreLine-Plus/ProVent Dual Kit LAND CRUISER 70 (PLPV640DPK)


The Direction-Plus™ PreLine-Plus / Provent Dual Kit PLPV640DPK fits Toyota Landcruiser 70 series 2007-2017 models. It is The Ultimate Defence for carbon build-up and water contamination with our Preline-Plus offering up 100% water separation efficiency* and up to a massive 98% oil separation efficiency with our ProVent Kit.

With this dual kit you can‘t go wrong! Protect your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Direction-Plus™ PreLine-Plus is an innovative pre-filter system for diesel fuel systems which ensures a 100% of water separation and 98% of particle pre-separation. The PreLine-Plus kit includes an intuitive multi-stage water alert that separates it from other kits on the market.


Direction-Plus™ ProVent® oil separator kit protects your modern diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system.

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Check the fitment guide to find the right kit for your vehicle. Check the advantages of having a PreLine-Plus kit installed on your vehicle.

MakeModelEngineFromToPart No.NotesReplacement Element
FordRangerP4AT20112021PLPV661DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRangerP5AT20112021PLPV661DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRangerYNWS20192021PLPV664DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordEverestP5AT20152021PLPV661DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordEverestYNWS20182021PLPV664DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
FordRaptorYN2S20182020PLPV664DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
HoldenColoradoLWH20122020PL602DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
HoldenColorado 7 / TrailblazerLWH20122020PL602DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
IsuzuD-Max4JJ1TCX20122020PLPV601DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
IsuzuD-Max4JJ3-TCX20202021PLPV645DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
IsuzuMU-X4JJ1TCX20172020PLPV601DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
JeepWranglerENS20072017PLPV633DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MazdaBT-50P4AT20112018PLPV661DPKPV150 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MazdaBT-50P5AT20112020PLPV661DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MazdaBT-504JJ1TCX20202021PLPV645DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MitsubishiPajero Sport4N1520152019PL629DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
MitsubishiTriton MQ4N1520152021PL629DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
NissanNavara NP300YS23DDTi20152021PLPV630DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
NissanPatrolZD30DDTi20062018PL626DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaFortuner1GD-FTV20162021PL628DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaHilux N701KD-FTV20042015PL612DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaHilux N801GD-FTV20162021PL628DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaHilux N802GD-FTV20182019PL628DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaLandcruiser 70 Series1VD-FTV20122017PLPV640DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaLandcruiser 70 Series1VD-FTV20182021PLPV642DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaLand Cruiser 200 series1VD-FTV20072021PL614DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1201KZ-FE20032007PLPV660DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1201KD-FTV20032007PLPV660DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1201KD-FTV20062009PLPV660DPKPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1501KD-FTV20092015PL623DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1501GD-FTV20152021PL631DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
ToyotaPrado 1551GD-FTV20152022PL631DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP
VolkswagenAmarokDDXC20162021PL643DPCPV200 KITPLE150DP / PVE200DP

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions37 × 27 × 16 cm